Courtney Streeter

My name is Courtney Streeter and I am a licensed Realtor.
I have been involved with Real Estate for over 10 years. Born and raised in Michigan, it’s a passion of mine to help others navigate through the process of Selling, Buying, and Investing all throughout this beautiful mitten state.

I first entered the real estate world fresh out of high school and no matter how many times I tried, I just couldn’t seem to leave Real Estate behind. Afterall it is in the name, “STREETer”! -haha

Jokes aside, I’ve overseen as little as 8 agents and as many as 160. I’ve done inside sales for top producing agents and traveled the country to seminars and gone through a variety of training to be the best prepared professional I can be for you. I’ve been an agent’s assistant and maybe even your transaction coordinator, behind the scenes long before the term Realtor was at the end of my name.

From Administration to Agent and everything in between, I’ve played a role in every aspect of a Real Estate transaction at some point in my career. I say all of this not to brag or boast but to give you the confidence that you’re in good hands with me as YOUR REALTOR.

Through all of the hats I’ve worn throughout the years, I’ve seen first hand how important a dedicated agent means for a successful and smooth transaction. It’s my goal to always be one step ahead with communicating exactly what is happening at all times with one of your most important assets. It’s my job to make sure you’re comfortable and that you fully understand the process. I go above and beyond to give accurate, updated information every step of the way. There should be no point in which you have to search or wonder about anything during this process.

Now I don’t claim to have all of the answers or dare commit to you that I know everything. However what I can commit to is doing whatever it takes to get the job done; to going the extra mile to ensure that every answer to any and every question or need you may have through this journey is solved and more so still, ensure that you don’t even feel any of the speed bumps we may pass along the way. You can rest assured that I know where to turn to solve any and every obstacle.

I strive to always communicate honestly, realistically and frequently. I believe it’s my responsibility to carry the extra stresses of any transaction I handle for you, you simply get to sit back and enjoy the ride.

I may drink too much coffee and probably listen to my music a touch too loud but I truly have an affinity for both Real Estate and people alike. Which makes coordinating a perfect match between the two one of my greatest joys!

When you work with me know that I don’t see a simple check list of wants and needs or a just another client, I see opportunity.

Opportunity for family memories, for family growth, I see stability for your loved ones, equity for you, portfolio growth, a dream come true and so much more. I treat every client and fellow industry professional the way I would want it handled if I were the one on the other end.

If there’s a need, I want to help and I will get the job done. It’s as simple as that with me.

I believe everyone should own a home and it’s my passion to make that happen!

Call me!

If I don’t have what you’re looking for or needing, I assure you, I know someone that does.

Have Questions?

(810) 221-8007