I work with the administration side of the Peterfi-Cantleberry team. I started here when a beloved friend of mine Nicole Mossner called saying that they needed help in the office, mainly working under her. This was an opportunity that I was not able to refuse. Nicole and I worked at Subway about a year ago together and we worked together for about two years before she was recruited here. Not only did Nicole but everyone on the team took a chance on me and let me come join their great team. My family has worked in the real estate industry for a short time buying and selling their homes after remodeling them, that is where I was able to learn the basics and became interested in this career. Being able to work here, I am very excited to be able to grow my knowledge with the behind the scenes of real estate before I proceed forward. “What is life without a smile”, I have been telling myself this for years. Since I started doing this, I was able wake up every morning with a smile on my face and look at life with a different prospective, I get to see happiness that most people don’t see. It’s just amazing how a simple smile can change your day or someone’s day.

Joshua Maples

Closing Manager

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