Marlow “The Entertainer” Morgan AKA: DJ Chocolate Chip🍪 AKA Marlow Real Estate Agent. He is owner and operator of Marlow The Entertainer Entertainment and an one of many fun and influential Real Estate agents at EXP Realty Peterfi-Cantleberry Team. A Michigan native his entire life he decided at a very young age that he would strive to be someone who’s a hard worker, someone of good moral character, patience and integrity. Entertainment and Real Estate provides him the opportunity to create smiles and help members of our community live their best lives. He would like to believe that he is seen in the light of a person who is genuinely helpful, caring and passionate for people💕. In stating that, he also feels that one who wants a truthful and proper judgement of one’s character, the opinion would have to come from someone other than one’s self but from one who has integrity, having wisdom and of good moral character👍. His daily mindset is to make new friends, be good to others and provide great client and customer services. “Spread peace, love and unity cause happy people make a happy world😁”

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