With over fifteen-years in publishing, Michelle Blaisdell’s experience sparked a love for being an active member of her community, adaptive and resourceful in business along with passionate about helping others. That is why her career in real estate is a perfect fit. Michelle is Michigan born and raised and a proud University of Michigan graduate. Michelle sets herself apart with unrivaled ethics, integrity, and honesty.

She states, “Boundaries, will be the difference between being busy versus focused. I approach life with a positive outlook, a light-heart and fun demeanor. I’m serious about my business. It’s important that I build long-lasting relationships with my clients, peers, and friends. I never do what’s easy—it will always be do what’s right with my client’s best interest in mind.”

“Michelle’s tenacious personality and gift for helping others allows her to succeed in any role she is given.” -Darren Peterfi

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