I have been a lifelong resident of Michigan and have lived my whole life in the areas I sell real estate. I strive to demonstrate the highest level of integrity and commitment, and provide quality service to build relationships with my clients. By communicating effectively I’m able to maintain those relationships. My genuine enjoyment of making clients happy with their sale or purchase of real estate is what makes me the Realtor you should work with.

Real Estate was originally what I wanted to do in life but for some reason or another that didn’t happen and I spent 30+ years in the automotive industry. I did eventually decide to chase my dreams and pursue real estate. As much good hard work that I did in the corporate world I never was able to see the evidence of my loyalty to my job.

That is so different in real estate! Today that evidence is in the smile on the faces of my clients/friends. I made this jump to be able to make my clients happy and comfortable in what can be the biggest financial decision in their life. I have no desires to make millions, believe me! The motto I live by is “people don’t care how much you know, they want to know how much you care.”

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